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Who am I and what do I do?

About me and my approach

My name is Karen Jennings, I'm based in Staffordshire and I am the owner of Bright Behaviour. I specialise in dog behaviour modification and owner support and training. I'm fully qualified and insured and am dedicated to helping dogs and owners lead fulfilling and harmoneous lives together.
My approach is totally holistic, meaning that I take time to assess dog and owner requirements and then work with both to resolve issues & just make life that bit easier. I empower owners to deal with situations so that they can take control of any future challenges.
I know that with the right approach, knowledge and practical consistent application you can have a great relationship with your dog in and outside of your home.

Pricing, strategy and time commitment

My initial visit with you for behaviour issues may take between 2 and 4 hours - if that seems a long time it's only because I need to be sure I understand what you and your dog need. Often one visit will be sufficient but you might want or require follow up visits if you need further support. Alternatively if suitable I can give you follow up support via email or telephone.
Because I don't place a time limit on our first meeting I don't bill these consultations hourly irrespective of how much time I spend helping you and ensuring you're in a good place to go it alone. I will never leave you until you're happy with the programme so you can be confident that you'll get the best for you and your dog.
Every case is unique and I will treat each client as an individual meaning that I'll carry out a full in depth assessment before I give you solutions.  This means that it's difficult to give an exact idea of total costing without knowing your requirements. Feel free to contact me and we can discuss your needs and I can give you a an exact cost based on your particular requirements with absolutely no obligation.

Because I believe that when dogs have their animal, breed and individual needs fulfilled they make excellent, well balanced pets I am passionate about helping owners understand them.
- I always have the best interests of dog and owner at heart when I work with you. This is my guiding principle and underpins everything I do.
- I use positive reinforcement and my understanding of natural dog behaviour to educate and train you and your dog.
- I don't use any techniques or equipment that cause pain, fear or harm.
- I continue to adapt and enhance my skills using the most up to date proven theories in the field of dog behaviour and training to ensure you receive the best help possible.
- I treat every person and every dog as individuals with unique personalities and needs and adapt my recommendations accordingly.

My Code of Ethics